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July Frights is here! Click here for more.

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July Frights is here! We are pleased to announce our selections. On July 22nd starting at 8PM  PST the Death's Parade Film Fest will be hosting another round of diabolically scary short films for your viewing pleasure.  Everything is fair game as we bring back Al Omega, host of the Creature Feature Show, Kevin Nickelson of Horror News Net, Joe Flynn of CreaTV and Anthony DeRouen, founder of DPFF to watch some of the newest and best independent horror and suspense films.

And now for our selections:

FACE TUNED - Directed by Jesse Charles                     Run Time: 16:04 Minutes

Summary:  Bryce Mueller's obsession with social validation controls his life to the point that he will do anything to be noticed. His pursuit to be famous on social media is tragically ended after he is scarred in a freak accident. After months of depression, he is inspired to post again. To his surprise, people love his new look, but how long will their attention last and what will Bryce do to keep their interest?

FRIGHT CORNER - Directed by Doug Rollins                  Run Time: 7:36  Minutes

Summary:  A young film crew are lost in a forest outside the UK’s supposedly most haunted village at midnight, shooting a modernday Hammer horror based on local ghost tales. But suddenly their script’s disturbing legends take over the real life shoot…

YOU'RE IT - Directed by Herb and Joe Cremer              Run Time: 6:51  Minutes

Summary:  A group of children decide to play a game of hide and seek to alleviate their boredom but nothing could prepare them for the outcome of this twisted game.


TROUBLE FOR MILES - Directed by jamin Scotti       Run Time: 9:30 Minutes

Summary:  A young girl recounts her traumatic death, while navigating a purgatory fashioned for the Digital Age.

THE LAKE PARASITE - Directed by joe Reilly      Run Time: 14:46 Minutes

Summary:  Toxic waste runoff from a luxury resort creates a lake monster which wreaks havoc on the exclusive resort town.

The screening begins at 8PM PST On July 22nd!

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We sit down with Gary Sherman - the director of Dead & Buried and Poltergeist III. Dead & Buried will be on the receiving end of a grandiose 3-disc limited edition 4k release on July 20th. Featuring a restoration from the 35mm IP approved by Director of Photography Steven Poster, the Dead & Buried 4k release is stuffed full of new commentary and special features. by Les Bowie.

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Meet our newest host:  Al Omega

We are honored to have Al Omega hop on board our podcast and Youtube theater to help keep our guests entertained! 


The wily and witty host of Creature Features brings a wellspring of horror knowledge to the fore along with a  playfulness we enjoy being part of.  We'll keep you up to date on the newest episodes of Creature Features.

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