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Coming up this April on the Grim and Bloody Podcast

April is shaping up to be the most exciting month yet for the Grim and Bloody Podcast! We have the pleasure of interviewing Mark Patton (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 2, FAMILY POSSESSIONS), the legendary Dee Wallace (CUJO, THE HOWLING, THE HILLS HAVE EYES) and Jessica Cameron (A BAD PLACE, TRUTH OR DARE). The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms and will be released every Thursday. Join us as we discuss all things horror!

DPFF 2020 postphoned until 2021

Postphoning the Death's Parade Film Fest this year was a tough decision. There was always a chance the spread of COVID-19 slowed, businesses re-opened, people went back to work, and productions resumed sooner rather than later. The future is still uncertain and we had to decide on whether to allocate resources to launch and promote the festival this September with a strong chance the festival would have to be postponed or with a severely weakened submission/attendance haul, or decide now to commit to a stronger (and healthier!) 2021.

We decided on the latter. All submissions currently in for this year are in the process of being converted to 2021. We do not have the exact date yet, but we anticipate a September/October showing in keeping up with the Halloween season.

Until next year's festivities we invite you to enjoy our horror show The Grim and Bloody Podcast! Available on all major streaming platforms The Grim and Bloody Podcast places the spotlight on notable actors, filmmakers and creatives in the horror genre. 

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