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Festival happens December 4th 2021!

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Release Date -  September 12th 2021.

We sit down with writers/actors Mike Carey and Chris Margetis, the creative minds behind the new zombie horror comedy The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre!


Synopsis: Wrestling's most hated tag team, The MANSON BROTHERS, now in the twilight of their careers and relegated to doing smaller wrestling promotions, take a midnight cage match on Halloween night, only to find themselves trapped in the arena with wrestlers and fans infected with a mutated rabies ZOMBIE virus. Armed only with their wrestling skills, and enchanted lucha libre masks, they must fight for their lives and ensure the virus is contained to prevent an all-out MASSACRE and pandemic.

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Release Date  - September 22nd​

Filmed on a Magnavox VHS camera, co-written and co-starring both Madeline Deering and Joseph Russio (Lucifer’s Unholy Desires 2012) Madeline Deering' Spirit Animal is a welcome addition to the Shot On Video (SOV) genre that has garnered a large cult following. Join Kevin Nickelson, Joe Flynn and the return of Al Omega as we delve into the bloody fun mess that is Spirit Animal.

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Meet our newest host:  Al Omega

We are honored to have Al Omega hop on board our podcast and Youtube theater to help keep our guests entertained! 


The wily and witty host of Creature Features brings a wellspring of horror knowledge to the fore along with a  playfulness we enjoy being part of.  We'll keep you up to date on the newest episodes of Creature Features.

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