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Death's Parade Film Fest

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Released January 30th 2023

Ontario California, stand up!

The Grim and Bloody Podcast will be present and accounted for at this year's Creep I.E. Con in Ontario, California, and quite possibly talking with the esteemed hosts behind this mega horror convention.

The list of attending guests is a veritable who's-who in horror film: Scream reunion, Terrifier 2 reunion, Walking Dead, Trick or Treat, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Bill Mosely.  What more can you ask for?

Tickets are on sale now - but be warned the convention sent an email this morning warning of low inventory. That means this convention will be stacked!

We'll be recording guests on site, booking guests for future shows, and making new friends. Look for the gents wearing Death's Parade Film Fest t-shirts, we're approachable! Also be on the lookout for new content from Left Coast Entertainment during the con.

DPFF poster 2023.png

Released January 9th 2023

We're coming back to Red Bluff California!

 The Death's Parade Film Fest is happening again at the Prime Cinemas in Red Bluff, California. We're bringing horror, thriller and suspense to Shasta and Tehama County! Enjoy a full day of exclusive independent short and feature films in October. That's right, we're shuffling into the Halloween season. You can expect the return of the Grim and Bloody Podcast and more.

Attention filmmakers - submit your films on Filmfreeway.

This year we are sponsored again by the good folks at Left Coast Entertainment. Left Coast is an award winning film production company that driven by the story. They currently have a line-up of psychological and horror feature films in development which we're excited to hear more about. Expect big things coming down the pipeline from Left Coast!

Submissions are open.

Sylvia Day.png

Released January 5th 2023

We Sit Down with #1 New York Times Bestseller Sylvia Day: Best Known For the Crossfire Series


We had the pleasure and honor to speak with Sylvia Day, the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today Bestselling author behind the new thriller novel So Close.

2022 show.png

Released January 5th 2023

2022: The Year in Review in Horror and More


Another year has gone, but which has left us with a number of excellent horror films to experience. We sit down and talk about the ones we felt stood out and why. In 2022 Ethan Hawke returned to horror in Black Phone. David Howard Thornton donned the creepy clown costume in Terrifier 2, a definite step up from the first film. TI West thrilled us with X and Pearl. Zach Cregger made his presence known with Barbarian. And what about Rob Jabbaz's visceral, blood-dripping zombie film The Sadness? Jordan Peele's Nope and Parker Finn's Smile make the list as well. We can't forget (or maybe we're trying to forget) David Gordon Green's final installment in the latest Halloween trilogy, a divisive film to say the least.

And we're proud to announce submissions are open fore the 2023 Death's Parade Film Festival! We are returning to the Prime Cinemas in Red Bluff California this October.


Released December 14th

Live at the Death's Parade Film Fest!


During the film festival on December 3rd we sat down with a number of attending filmmakers to discuss their works. Over the course of the next three weeks you'll get to hear from the creatives behind some of this year's best short films including PB&Z, Surprise!, Agatha and Flakkus. Visit our Anchor podcast platform to find the episodes, or through your normal feel in Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts and Overcast.

The conversations are spoiler free since the films are still in the circuit, but we think you'll enjoy listening nonetheless. 

best rest youtube slide.png

Released December 7th

Lori Evans Taylor - Writer and Director for Bed Rest | The Grim and Bloody Theater


We're thrilled thrilled to host Lori Evans Taylor, the writer and director behind Tubi's latest horror film BED REST starring Melissa Barrera and Guy Burnet. We are also releasing a written review of BED REST which you can find here.

This episode is sponsored by Left Coast Entertainment.


Synopsis: A pregnant woman on bed rest begins to wonder if her house is haunted, or it's all in her head.

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