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About Us

We are the California North State's home for Horror and Suspense

Our mission is to make noise in Northern California for horror and suspense filmmakers and creatives alike.  We are bringing fresh ideas and initiatives to the Bay Area horror scene like live screenings on our Youtube channel with filmmakers, and virtual film fests in fully immersive 3D worlds. Experience horror like never before in venues you never imagined, with industry professionals and fans just like yourself.

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Our Story

The year is 2018. Anthony DeRouen had completed his horror short The Last Showing which was filmed at the Towne 3 Cinemas in San Jose, California over the course of four days. Anthony remained close friends with theater management at Towne 3 while The Last Showing was in post-production, and he began work on his next short He Takes and Returns. When both shorts were completed and being converted to a double-feature blu-ray Anthony began a search for local horror festivals to submit to. The closest horror-only festival was in Sacramento which is 90 minutes from the Bay Area. Not exactly local.


Since its inception the Death’s Parade Film Fest  has hosted over sixty films at the Towne 3 Cinemas and a virtual screening in Sansar to a packed audience. With the help of horror veterans Kevin Nickelson, Joe Flynn and Al Omega the festival has expanded to include a popular podcast and Youtube screening theater.

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