Copyright Death's Parade Film Festival 2020

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Silicon Valley premiere!

Looking out to the city from her balcony, a woman realizes that someone is staring back.

About the film Balcony:

"With no resources and not much time, we decided to do what indie filmmakers do best and shoot it at home!

Having a balcony on a city apartment building means that everyone can stare into everyone else's home. What are the chances that one of them could be a ghost?"

Director Biography - Chris Cronin

In 2015 Chris picked up Best Director for the 48FilmProject ‘Unkillable’, presented at Directors Guild of America. He also took home the People's Choice Award in the Reed Film competition at BAFTA for his short ‘Peter’.

His latest film on the festival circuit, the epic ‘mini-movie’ ‘Sophie’s Fortune’, has won numerous awards all over the world, applauding its pioneering visual effects and clever reconstruction of the eighties adventure film, but with a British twist. Chris has gained attention for his ability to lead a team with limited resources and deliver quality productions on micro-budgets.