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Sinister: A Retrospective

Episode 21  |   Release Date 10/11/2020  |  The Grim and Bloody Podcast

Scott Derrickson's horror film Sinister, produced in 2012, is a deeply disturbing supernatural flick that takes a family who's already survived a number of traumas and tears them apart from the inside out. Sinister introduces a fictional demon called Bughuul (also known as Mr. Boogie) who convinces children to murder their family and takes the child's soul in the end. Sinister is a well-made, thought-provoking take on a number of familiar tropes the team is excited to discuss, now 8 years later. So join Anthony DeRouen, Joe Flynn and Al Omega as we look back and talk about Sinister!

Music courtesy of VIVEK ABHISHEK.

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Enjoy horror!

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