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A Conversation with Producer John T. Sweeney

Episode 33  |   Release Date 03/08/2021  |  The Grim and Bloody Podcast

It's always enlightening for us to hear about what happens behind the camera throughout the ages of cinema. John T. Sweeney stopped by the Grim and Bloody Podcast and does just that! As Kevin Nickelson later described the show: "John was a hoot and a half with a few salty stories working as production coordinator on films like Alien vs. Predator, Hellboy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In a first time deviation from the ordinary talk of horror movies, we talk about COVID and I speak extensively about my near death experience."

COVID-19 has taken a sledgehammer to almost everything, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. More and more stories surface regarding the virus and our collective experiences. We feel thankful that we can share them because that means we survived to tell the tale.


In other news, Kevin has a new piece of writing out! It's his first non-horror article, "A look at Agatha Christie" in the 70's for the magazine Cinema of the 70's. The issue will be available between March 7th- 10th.

And catch Al Omega's latest Creature Features Show: The Children (1980) .

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