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Mitch McLeod - Writer and Director of Silhouette

Episode 23  |   Release Date 10/27/2020  |  The Grim and Bloody Podcast

As the Halloween season rages on we're back with another spooktacular episode featuring Mitch McLeod, writer and director of the horror drama Silhouette.  Currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Silhouette will be undergoing a name change to A Haunting in Texas before it's debut on the media shelves of Wal Mart stores nationwide! Obviously an exciting time for Mitch, the cast and crew of Silhouette we couldn't be more excited to see this dark and disturbing paranormal tale receive a massive home video release.  Look for A Haunting in Texas at Wal Mart starting November 17th, and tune into the podcast to hear about the behind the scene stories!

To learn more about Mitch McLeod visit

Happy Halloween!

 - Anthony, Al and Joe

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