Dealer spotlight: Children of Boggy Hollow

We have a story to share about one of our DPFF dealers called The Children of Boggy Hollow. You might have seen the awesomely grotesque dolls at Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento and Creatures Con in San Ramon. The hand-crafted delights are uniquely eye-catching to say the least! Today Debbie, the creator behind the collection, recalls how she got started creating such wonderful horrors…

I started doing the horror dolls about 12 years ago when my daughter asked me to paint her a doll because she saw some horror Dolls when they first started coming out online. Back then they were pretty pricey! So I agreed to make a doll, and ever since then I dabbled with it here and there. I recently picked it up about five years ago again because I retired from my regular job as a dog groomer. When I started picking up the brush I didn't realize how big the horror scene in Sacramento really was let alone outside of it!

So I started doing play dolls from ones I refurbished from thrift stores, or from people giving them away. After that I started to do the reborn dolls, the ones that look more realistic. These are the ones that are more desirable because they're more infant like, and more childlike.

I got a lot of inspiration from horror movies. Sometimes the inspiration comes from things that I think about. Sometimes they were ideas that people tossed at me, then I put them into the dolls and each one came out different. They all take on a life of their own as I painted them. Sometimes I can't get it to go right until I feel that the doll actually wants it that way it's weird I know, but true!

I started painting 4 years ago full time, and today I have a pretty successful little side business going with the dolls. I do special commission pieces. I paint dolls for normal business sale, and I take requests all the time. The prices range from $50 for the smaller ones up to $400 and these cannot be found in stores. "

The Children of Boggy Hollow dolls are by crafted with as much care and demented passion that can be mustered! Debbie will be at Death’s Parade Film Fest with an assortment of dolls to choose from. Stop by the table and say hello!


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