Dealer Spotlight: Emo Weasel

Our last dealer spotlight focuses on Christie Crapeticio's amazing collection of works. Christie has a vast array of art that runs the gamut from pleasing warmth and Children's fables, to the stuff of nightmares - all of which she is bringing to Death's Parade Film Fest October 5th.

Christie was nice enough to give us a peek into how Emo Weasel came to be:

Hello! I’m a San Francisco based illustrator. I studied at the Academy of Art university for six years. While I was there I started to build up the name EmoWeasel. 

But that EmoWeasel name didn’t first appear while I was in college it was actually created back when I was in middle school. The name was born on a luke warm spring day in San Diego. My friend and I were judging a bobcat Idol audition and I decided to doodle a little creature and my friend said, “that looks like an EmoWeasel!” And BAM the name was created! 

After the name EmoWeasel was created it’s slowly turned into more than just a funny sounding word. It became a symbol that me and my friends used to describe who we were.

It became the symbol for all the misfits and the people who were considered outcast because they appreciated art, comics, nerd stuff and other things people said weren’t “normal”. With EmoWeasel as our symbol we all felt like we finally found a way where we could be our selves and not care what others said. 

The meaning behind EmoWeasel struck me so hard and made me feel so comfortable with myself I decided to take that name and create my art undies it’s name. My art follows the symbol that EmoWeasel stands for to this day. My work is considered odd and different compared to a lot of peoples work but that’s what makes it so special. I am will always be EmoWeasel and I will always be proud to be it! 

The work that I have brought to the show is a mix bag of stuff. From horror art to cute little food buttons. One special piece that’s going to be coming to the show is my Mr. Pinky art books and stickers. Some of the other cool pieces that will be coming to the show are my dead animal pattern tote bags and my ghostly T-shirts.

You can find Emo Weasel outside the theater doors under the large overhang opposite The Children of Boggy Hollow. See you October 5th at the Towne 3 Cinemas Theaters in San Jose!


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