Dealer Spotlight: Josh Hancock

Today's spotlight is on our newest dealer: Josh Hancock!

Josh is a teacher and an author. His first novel, The Girls of October, was selected as one of the top ten horror novels of 2015 by Horror Novel Reviews and garnered enthusiastic reviews from Rue Morgue Magazine,,, Nightmarish Conjurings, and We Are Indie Horror. His second novel, entitled The Devil and My Daughter, was inspired by several cult horror films, including Amando de Ossorio’s underground classic, Demon Witch Child.

Josh’s most recent novel, Death Rituals, uses a documentary-style format to tell a story of extreme haunted attractions and backwoods slaughter. You can learn more about Josh and his books by checking out his Instagram page @ joshhancockbooks.

One stop shop for everything Josh Hancock.

Josh has been up and down the horror convention scene, from Los Angeles to Sacramento and everywhere in between. There's a good chance you passed by his booth!

Josh takes photos of his happy customers, and has amassed quite the collection on his Instagram.

Be one of the many that has picked up a copy of Josh Hancock's thrilling tales Saturday October 5th at the Towne 3 Cinemas in San Jose! Join us.


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