Death's Parade and Sansar Team Up

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! We have news to share as we shamble closer to October 5th. First off, if you haven't looked over the first wave of selections do so. We are preparing the rest of the selections and will have the full program announcement in August. Our friends at Reel Nightmare Films are offering a FREE one-month access to their streaming platform service BingeHorror for the first 50 ticket purchasers only. Once this number has been reached the offer is over. You'll find a ton of quality horror content at BingeHorror so we recommend jumping on this deal!

Due to the number of high-quality submissions the Death's Parade Film Fest will be holding a virtual festival October 3rd from 7PM - 8:30PM in Sansar two days before festival at the Towne 3 Cinemas in San Jose. So what is Sansar, you say? In a nutshell, Sansar enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences like comedy shows and film festivals, create and play games, have conversations in VR and much more. The Death's Parade Film Fest is proud to be the first virtual horror film fest!

A view of the big screen.

The view inside the theater is spectacular. You won't need a virtual headset to enjoy the festivities, but the headset will enhance the experience. Logging into Sansar is made simple and with ease. The folks at Linden Lab want to get you into the world as effortlessly and painlessly as possible you can enjoy the amazing creative spaces other residents have built.

The films will stream via 1080p through a private Youtube channel, controlled by the festival host.

You'll be able to see the big screen from any angle, or full screen based on your viewing preference. Zoom in as close as you like.

The theater is decked out in Halloween affair, and we are arranging the program. The plan to is keep the duration within 90 minutes, and pack it with any many horrific selections as possible. We wish to thank the good folks at The NightmareCloset for sponsoring Death's Parade - Sansar. It's going to be crazy!

The late deadline for submissions is June 30th, but we're keeping the door open until August 25th. The sooner prospective filmmakers can submit their work the better as this gives our judges enough time to review it.

Tickets are now on sale on Goldstar! For a limited time only you can pick up passes to the Death's Parade Film Fest for $7.50! That is 50% off the ticket price. See you October 5th!

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