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Keep Horror Grim and Bloody!

We say screw 2020, we're going to get back to doing what we love the most, and that's preaching the good word of Horror. Our 2nd Annual Death's Parade Film Fest is looking much better to happen this October/November. Between then and now enjoy The Grim and Bloody Podcast and The Grim and Bloody Theater . We're going to continue and bring you established and fresh actors, filmmakers, and creatives on the shows.

In between shows our horror hosts stay busy with their own works. We'll keep you abreast of all their releases.

Al Omega hosts The Creature Features Show - a regular Youtube series that screens all the old, crummy, classic and weird horror from days long forgotten. What sets The Creature Features Show apart is Al's introductory history lesson regarding the film. Many a time I found myself tuning into a film I had no interest in watching only to see it solely based on Al's thoughtful and humorous summary.

We're honored to have Al join our shows!

Kevin Nickelson is deeply embedded in the Hammer Horror community and arranged for the legendary actress Jane Merrow to join our podcast recently. Kevin is responsible for booking the vast majority of our guests, and for that we are greatly appreciative. When he's not scheduling filmmakers Kevin is a writer/reviewer/interviewer for the website and for the print magazines We Belong Dead and Scary Monsters. Currently, he is contributing articles for upcoming We Belong Dead issues and books as well as a freelance paid gig for Scream magazine. All while still working on his own book Keeping his Head: the Films of David Warner - due later in 2022.

Joe Flynn is the man, the myth, the legend. He's also an award-winning producer for CreaTV where his long running Joe Flynn Show plays. Community channel 15 if you're in the San Jose, California area.

Follow this blog for updates from us and the world of horror!

-Death's Parade Film Fest

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