The Grim and Bloody Podcast will Rip Your Face Off!

Two episodes are out with many more to come. Join horror vets Kevin Nickelson and Joe Flynn along with DPFF founder Anthony DeRouen as we interview industry professionals across numerous pathways. Since the Grim and Bloody Podcast is part of the Death's Parade Film Fest you can expect selectees of the 2020 film season to be featured here! Coming up we have Sam Mason, writer and director of the upcoming serial killer feature NORMAL TERROR to be released this Thursday. What a conversation we had! Tune in on your favorite podcast player to listen.

If you're a prospective filmmaker and are thinking about submitting your film to the Death's Parade Film Fest happening this September 12th at the 3 Below Theaters in San Jose you can also request to be interviewed by us! We'd love to talk with you. Click here to learn more about submitting.