Update about 2020 DPFF and Coronavirus

COVID-19 has completely disrupted everything which includes the film industry and production on independent films.  This disruption has led to the closure of all major theaters with independent theaters affected as well, or under threat. We have not heard of any change to our September 12th date -  as it's still six months out - but we are planning for the eventuality that this year may not happen as planned.

If that scenario comes to pass we would like the honor of including all current filmmaker submissions into our 2021 season. We'll keep our current filmmakers informed as events change.

As it turns out we were less than 24 hours of opening up ticket sales when the virus breached the US. If the festival happens this year tickets will go on sale closer to July/August. Either way, we look forward to bringing horror to the Silicon Valley masses again, and hope you'll join us!


Anthony DeRouen


Death's Parade Film Fest