Virtual film festivals - Be Ready!

Saturday, October 5th, the Death's Parade Film Fest will host over 9 hours of horror programming for San Jose, California. But did you know we will also host over 90 minutes of programming two days prior in Sansar? As previously announced, Sansar is a virtual world where anything is possible, and only your imagination is the limit. Sansar has successfully supported online screenings with major Bay Area film folks like Another Hole in the Head and the San Francisco Indie Fest, so we're happy to keep this trend going. Virtual film festivals are rapidly growing and for good reason - you can reach a wider, more diverse film-going audience easier and quicker than ever before. In fact there is a running list containing well-known international festivals like Sundance, Cinequest and SXSW that are pushing the boundaries of what a festival can achieve.

As should be the standard, virtual film festivals are exclusive events either held at the physical location of the main festival, or through another platform that supports VR. We're excited to host Terror Vault! through Sansar's uniquely built theater experience that gives festival programmers the tools to design the venue how they wish so they can tailor the theater to their audience. As filmmakers ourselves, we are happy to answer any questions submitters have about Terror Vault! and what they can expect from the festival. We're putting the final touches on our programming slate and can't wait to run the screenings October 3rd!


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