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What's Your Favorite Horror Moment? A San Diego Comic Con 2020 Discussion

Episode 15  |   Release Date 7/24/2020  |  The Grim and Bloody Podcast

Kevin Nickelson, Joe Flynn and Anthony DeRouen fly by the seats of their pants without a guest for this special San Diego Comic Con-inspired chat. The topic of the show: what's your favorite horror moment? Since the three of us are major horror fans to begin with it doesn't take long for other topics to come up: like our favorite horror music, when does a movie turn you into a fan, horror in literature, and of course COVID 19-inspired horror movies. We have a few ideas on what can make a COVID-19 horror movie work for pandemic weary audiences.

We give major shout-outs to San Diego Comic Con and their impressive array of virtual panels (including quite a few horror-related events) we encourage you to check out. For more visit: . Like everyone else enamored with pop culture, we sorely miss spending the week among our fellow brethren, but we hope you enjoy this discussion, and tune in for future episodes.


Enjoy horror!

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