Just like that the inaugural run of the Death's Parade Film Fest is over. But before we look forward to 2020 we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Grimmies:

Best Short  - Quiet Room Bears (Directed by Lee Howard)

Due to technical difficulties we were unable to screen Quiet Room Bears on Saturday, but it remains our top short of 2019, hands down. Lee Howard has spawned a veritable franchise of terrifying teddy bears steeped in mythology that's begging for a feature treatment.

Best Writing -  Playtime's Over ( Directed by Tony Reames)

If you haven't read our interview with Tony Reames you can do so here.  We discuss the efforts behind Playtime's Over, Tony's love of film since childhood, and why music videos will always have a special place in his life. Playtime's Over is an auditory and visual feast for horror aficionados. You'll need to watch it again and again to catch all of the details. It's rare we get to enjoy shorts like this on the indie wire. From screenplay to screen it's a masterstroke. 

Best Effects -  Butterfly (Directed by Ella McKeon)

The practical effects in Butterfly are on par with studio-level showings. Without giving too much away (in case you happened to miss it) Butterfly contains a powerful message about one's identity in our contemporary times, and what lurks beneath the surface of our skin.

Best Feature - Artik ( Directed by Tom Botchii, produced by Jerry G. Angelo)

Artik is collecting awards right and left for good reason. Tom Botchii has written and directed a fresh and nerve-wracking tale about a comic-book obsessed serial killer played masterfully by Jerry G. Angelo. We hope the success of Artik jump starts a sequel we would die to screen.

Honorary Best Directorial Feature Debut - One Must Fall ( Directed by Antonio Pantoja)

The common takeaway from attendees who watched One Must Fall was, "this movie was tense!". We pointed out before that Antonio Pantoja crafted a well-thought out serial killer flick with an emphasis on character development. This effort pays off when the killer is let loose and our heroes fall into peril. So it is our honor to bestow Antonio Pantoja with the Best Directorial Feature Debut award!

Congratulations to the winners!

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