The Inside

Silicon Valley premiere!

A mother and her son move into an old house with a dark and sinister secret. They experience random and strange occurrences and begin to wonder if it's the work of their depraved neighbor or something else entirely.

Director Biography - Michael Tuthill

Michael is a video production grad from Fitchburg State that has worked as a jack of all trades in the indie world since he was old enough to pick up a camera. Since he moved to Maryland he has produced, shot, edited or even briefly appeared in front of a camera on projects around the DMV region. Now he dreams of taking up writing and directing full time with the Inside being his most ambitious project to date.


This film was written early in 2017 by my wife Amy. We were initially inspired by the pitch video for a generic "mom horror" by Red Letter Media, and didn't take ourselves seriously with it until we showed the screenplay to the folks at Sympatico. They loved the script and after we decided the project could work, we began pre-production in early 2018. With the generous support of friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers - we were able to finance the film that really stands as an allegory for the struggles of parenting and the horror of living in an old home.


This is all personified by the turmoil we experienced living in our own house in Knoxville. Shot over the course of 5 days and nights with half a dozen different locations, the film sprang to life before our eyes and serves as the first collaboration between my wife and I. We hope this film illustrates the possible proof of concept for a larger premise. We hope you enjoy our humble little horror and thank you for watching!

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