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The Evil (1978) : A Retrospective

Episode 27  |   Release Date 11/27/2020  |  The Grim and Bloody Podcast

The Evil, written and directed by Gus Trikonis, is very much a product of its time.  There's a light-hearted campiness to The Evil one can appreciate from the time of disco fever and bellbottoms which eventually would ebb away as we crossed into the 1980's and experienced bone-chilling supernatural films such as The Shining, The Fog and Poltergeist. The Evil is a fast-paced haunted house flick that can easily fall under the radar of contemporary horror aficionados, but didn't miss Joe Flynn and Al Omega's gaze as their reach in the genre stretches further than most. Sit back and enjoy our spoiler-free review of The Evil!

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